Mobile casinos – financial look

GamblingGambling industry is in its best period of earning money, in spite of economic crisis all around the world. This industry even expanded itself to online gambling, where more and more people dive into this sea of online gambling possibilities every day. The development of mobile devices boosted the popularity and search for gambling applications for mobile devices, which people usually want for entertainment, although some people want for earning real money. Both of these groups of people contributed to the overall stats of online gambling world.

The market we are talking about is the fastest growing market – as we speak, revenue and number of downloads are increasing every second. In order to back this up, I have managed to find some analysis, conducted by some serious agencies that can be trusted. 

Eilers Research is a trustworthy company that is located in California. ER researches and shows statistics strictly for gambling industry. The latest statistics show incredible rise of revenue for online casinos : $1.3 billion to $2.8 billion in just two years (period from 2012 to 2014). But this company announced even bigger revenue – amazing $3.5 billion. So tell me now this industry doesn’t have really big potential !

app-annie-logoApp Annie is San Francisco based company, which also accurate with its statistics of financial records of online and mobile casinos. They said that the download of mobile casino games on iOS, doubled in the period of one year (period from November 2013 to November 2014). It’s nothing different when it comes to Android operating system, since the amount of money earned from Android casino games increased by 105% in a year. Another interesting information, provides by this company, is about in-app purchases – an average in-app purchases  are $56.24 for iPhone users, while for Android users this number is slightly smaller – $52.78.

live-bettingThe developers of mobile casinos came with the great tactics – namely, games in mobile casinos can be separated in two groups. The first one is Premium; all games from this category require instant payment/deposit  in order to play your game. Now, the second group consists of “free to play” games, the games that don’t require any kind of payment in the beginning. But the key is that these free to play games, will eventually require some money in order to play bonus levels or open new levels. According to researches, this second group (or simply in-app purchases) brings the highest amount of money to mobile casino developers. This is very psychological tactic, since as soon as you “get hooked” on the game, it’s at least 65% likely that you will pay for additional features, upgrades, items and options in game. Very clever, isn’t it ?

The most interesting fact about these mobile casino games is that these games are not connected in any way to some social networks, like Facebook for example. This realm works for itself so far so good (even better than just good), and it is predicted that the revenue of this industry will rise even more in the near future.

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Everything you have to know about iPhone pokies

iphone-secret-codes1If you are planning to play casino games on your iPhone, you have more options than ever. We live in 21st century where a lot of innovations happened and thanks to the advancement of technology, we can play games on our mobile phones. IPhone devices are desired on every corner of the world and developers want to provide everything their customers want. These days, iPhone pokies are really wanted on the Apple store, so programmers created thousands of apps that are related to casino games.

new_logo_mainSince online gambling industry became very profitable, everybody wanted to have their piece of cake. Due to thousands and thousands of available casino games, powerful companies decided to start an agency that will check all the emerging casino companies and games. So they established eCOGRA (eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance) in 2003, which is based in London. This agency issues the license permit for online casino operators and companies.

If you want to play some pokies on your iPhone, you can visit Apple store and download some of the pokies apps. In case you want instant play, without downloading anything, you can play directly from your browser (which is not recommended if you play with real money). Now I will give you some of the best iPhone pokies (along with their unique features) that are regulated by eCOGRA :

Major Millions – progressive jackpot, frequent payouts and classic look

Mega Moolah – African wild-life themed pokies, with progressive jackpot of $1 million of AUD

Tomb Raider – Lara Croft’s gambling adventure with a lot of tombs that are holding free spins or coins, 15payline system and hidden idols who reveal secret prizes

Mermaids Millions – ocean and undersea themed pokies with great bonuses and free spins, treasure chests with bonuses and prizes, one of the most popular pokies for all platforms (developed by the pioneers of online gaming, that is Microgaming)

standard-cc-introAll of you have probably asked yourselves : is it legit to make a deposit and is it true that I can withdraw money ? YES, it’s completely legit and true ! Before you even start playing for real money, you have to create your account on the site you are playing. After that you put some money on the account and you are ready to play. This was unavailable to do over your iPhone, but thanks to technology, we can do that via mobile phone also.  You can choose several options for depositing/withdrawing money : Visa/Master Card option, UKash, Skrill, Neteller or Click2Pay option. I cannot omit the fact that certain pokies have deposit bonus – when you deposit a certain amount of money, you will receive the certain percent of that amount, which is really cool if you are up to playing for real cash.

As I have said, technology enabled us to have entertainment on our iPhones while we are driving home. Each online casino game is the story for itself, but pokies are something completely different. Playing pokies on iPhone is one of those things that will never get you bored !

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Choosing the right Android pokies

google-storePokies are one of the most downloaded apps on Google Store, believe it or not. Researches confirm that over 80% of people play android pokies on daily basis. This actually creates a space for competition, where only the best apps can stay on top the list.  When we are speaking about online pokies at online pokies paradise (or slots, as some people call them), we are speaking about hundreds, and even thousands of different games, designed to meet all the gambler’s needs and requirements. The progressive technology produced possibilities we only dreamt about in the past times, but now, each gambler can find the right casino game for his own taste.

So how can you find the right casino game for you ? What it takes to be the best pokies on the market ? Well, that’s pretty hard to answer because we are not all the same. Some people like minimalistic look, while some people prefer flashy and themed games that will keep them playing for hours.

android-gamesThe first thing is design of pokies, since you must like something first in order to use it anyway. In the past times, pokies machines were not so diverse – you had two or maybe three different machines and that was enough for people at that time. Today, we have tons of sources for different niches, so according to that, we have multiple choices. If you are fan of pokies that are made with the themed-design, you can find a lot of them on online casino web sites. For example, if you are a fan of Star Trek, you can play Star Trek pokies, where you have 5 reels and you collect Spock, Uhura, Scotty and Kirk. Whatever you like, you can find.

One advice that my friend gave me is that you must look for the pokies that have frequent bonuses and gifts. Assuming that you will play a lot of pokies, it is in your interest to find the one that often gives some kind of bonus games, or bonus coins that you can use. This is especially important when you play for real money – a lot of online casinos will give you a specific deposit bonus (a lot of these bonuses are available when you play pokies).

moneyThe last thing is security. This is important if you are playing for real money. You don’t want to lose your money or not be able to withdraw it. First of all, read about the company and look for any kind of security certificate in order to be sure that your money will be safe.  The best and the most trusted online gambling sites are regulated by ECOGRA, which stands for eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance. In this way you will be sure that you won’t be cheated when it’s about your money.

Android pokies will give you a lot of fun, if you like good entertainment. As they say, it’s not all about the money, but it is nice when you win some money, especially while entertaining yourself. Now, hit the Google Store and try to find pokies that you really like ! Have fun and good luck !

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Best iPhone pokies

If you ever walked into casino, you have probably pulled the lever or pressed the button on the machine called slots/pokies. These machines have usually 3 (but can even more) reels that stop at the one point of time, giving you a chance for wining some money. The one and only catch is to hit the right pattern. These machines, often called fruit machines, are the most popular machines in casinos, with the contribution of 70% of an average income. The slots in some old times could usually be found in taverns or bars, but they had different name : “one armed bandidts”.

The biggest reason why this name is lost is because these slots are more and more present on our computers, or even mobile phones, so they obviously don’t have “arm” that physical machines have. In the beginning these slots were not available to mobile phone users, but because people wanted to entertain themselves while driving back home, developers created these applications for mobile devices. Due to the fact that mobile devices are constantly being upgraded, these iphone pokies are getting more realistic design. Thus, there are many pokies that are available for playing using your mobile phones. Playing pokies on your iphone is the easiest and most convenient way to play and you can play just about anywhere especially when you are bored.

unnamedSlotsTM is the best rated iPhone pokies application at the moment. It was created by Storm8 Studios and they often release new patches where the latest one is 1.7.3 that requires 5.1.1 version of iOS. Mainly filled with the Vegas themes, this application offers free spins and bonuses. Thanks to the latest patch, gameplay runs very smoothly and you will have great gambling experience. The only problem is that you must have a constant internet connection.

Slots Tycoon is developed by Zipline Gamers, Inc and it’s another realistic iOS pokies application that can be used on older versions of iOS. HD graphics and realistic sounds, backed up with the interesting themes will provide the ultimate pokies experience. But the most important thing about this app is that offers retro themes – listening to 18th century music while playing is something that really takes you back to the past.

Slots of gold (created by Avalinx LCC) is an application that seeks the latest version of iOS, which has daily bonuses, free credits and free spins. It also has a lots of themes like : Roman Empire or ancient Egypt. This app is awesome because of offline usage. It also has decent graphic design so you will not be disappointed at all. This one is my favorite one, just because it has that mentioned offline playing system.

15e1aadef8f7e27eab57c544be8bb3d2_screen0Pokies are very addictive game but also interesting at the same time. Whether you play pokies for free or for real money or in casino or on your phone, you will be nervous from time to time. In order to become a better player, I suggest you download some pokies for your iPhone device or iPad, and start playing. This is not essential, but if you want to avoid shouting in public while playing pokies on your phone, then you should consider this option.

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Aristocrat pokies – iPhone and Android pokies

file_142Since the gambling started its rich and prosperous life, pokies have always been played whether in real casinos or in clubs. People developed a feeling for winning on pokies, and it was like a fever. Almost everyone who has entered casino tried luck on these machines. In the 21st century, we live with smartphones so they can provide us with everything we need : resolving our business problems, making arrangements, talking to people, entertaining and so on. Pokies have become a crucial part of cell phone entertainment world.

aristocratpokies1Aristocrat pokies emerged around 60 years ago and took a valuable place in the world of online gambling industry, especially in the world of Android and iPhone pokies. High-quality games and gaming support are trademarks of this entertainment company that is based in New South Wales in Australia. They are mostly focused on South Pacific and Asian region, but they are not neglected in American and European market. Aristocrat pokies offer diverse types of games, so it’s not possible not to find something that meets your requirements.

This company is also famous for its live casino. Whatsoever, they have built their name on this feature, holding a title of the most innovative product in 2009, named by Casino journal magazine. HD graphics and smooth gameplay really took this game onto whole different level. Another proof of professional service and care for customers is management system of this company. They implement and maintain management systems for casinos. The system they use is called Oasis 360, which is implemented in some of the big casinos around the Australia. Analyzing player’s habits, monitoring promotions are some of the features of this complex but powerful system and these features helped this system to become one of the best in the casino world. The nLive system is software for online casinos that offers online poker, roulette or pokies among the many games. This software runs very smoothly and will provide you realistic experience that you will never forget. Another feature which is very interesting is TV Gaming – feature that enables you playing Aristocrat games right from your television. Isn’t that really cool ?

432950481x356When it comes to the games, Aristocrat can offer several unique games. 5 Dragons Legends is a slot machine game that allows you to choose your volatility level before free spins. You can score Jackpot on a medium sized bet, so this game is one of the best by this company. Then you have White Wizard – magical themed game, with 25 payline slots. Graphics and sound are designed exquisitely, so you will have a great wizard-like gambling experience. This pokies are usually played for real money, so it is one of the best known game from Aristocrat Pokies.

Aristocrat Pokies are available for Android and iPhone users. Generally, the game is better on iPhone mobile devices but it will also operate well on Android system. The only thing is that you must have the latest version of your OS. Feel free to try it out – it’s guaranteed entertainment and gambling experience !

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5 Amazing Android Pokies

If you are looking for some amazing Android pokies you should definitely check out this list of five most incredible pokies for your Android that will blow you away!

Tomb Raider

tomb-raider-video-slot-logoAnother pokie which is a definitive must for your Android device is definitely 5-reel 15-payline Tomb Raider slot game. This pokie is completely fun and free. You will have a great time finding Lara in symbols and trigging huge rewards. Have fun playing this incredible game and make sure that you make some serious money!



starburstEven though nowadays there are many pokies to choose from, you will not find an Android pokie app better than Starburst.  There are many combos which can be made in this pokie, and when combos are made, jewels crash down and explode!  How cool is that!  You can get some of these symbols to explode: yellow gemstone, purple gemstone, orange gemstone, blue gemstone, yellow gemstone, green gemstone, and others.  As for the wild, it’s the Starburst logo. This amazing five-reel, ten-payline pokie is definitely worth playing and while playing it you just might earn some money, too.


Mythic Maiden

Mythic-SpiderAre you bored with the traditional pokies? Ready for something fresh and new? Try installing Mythic Maiden pokie on your smartphone or device which runs on Android. This amazing pokie is definitely something you would like to play if you have the least interest in the occult and casino! The 5-reel and 30-payline slot machine is not something which you have already seen as it has Free Spin Modes which can expand your winning by 10 times the sum and the Iron Maiden random multipliers make the game even more interesting for anyone who is into pokies!



boomanjiIt’s always the 4th of July when you have Boomanji installed on your Android device! This amazing 5-reel, 10-payline pokie is absolutely amazing and absolutely free, too! In addition to that it will allow you to earn some amazing money and you will be absolutely thrilled by it. The splashes of colors which explode, spill and boom all across your screen will keep you captivated with this pokie and you will not want to play other pokies. Also, some of the most amazing features of the Boomanji pokie is the fact that the wilds expand reels 2, 3, and 4 and the re-spins which are triggered by the wilds. You will not be able to put your smartphone down, but you will be able to earn some money!



86351_SlotomaniaSlotomania is an incredible pokie which can be played anytime, anywhere, all you have to do is install this completely free pokie on your Android device. The 5-reel and 14-payline slot machine has had slight changes in design even though it kept traditional symbols such as fruit and Ten, Jack, Queen, King and Ace. However, be warned, once you start playing Slotomania there is no going back, as this game has the power to get you hooked for days, months! Hopefully, this hobby will not be futile, and you will make some money, too!

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